To ensure I credit all the images I’ve used from various free sources on the internet, I wanted to make a special page for the artists and photographers. Please feel free to peruse their work on the sites linked. Also, listed below, are resources I find valuable in learning astrology, how to empower self and catalyze others, which may or may not be astrology related. However, everything is connected, so opening your mind as much as possible is going to help you the most.


Heidi Kaden. Site: Unsplash.  Image: Sunset, Florence, Italy.


To which I owe my knowledge


Astrological Transits – by April Elliot Kent
Astrology for the Soul – by Jan Spiller
Astrology: Using the wisdom of the stars in your everyday life – by Carole Taylor
Chart Interpretation Handbook – by Stephen Arroyo
Discovering Your Soul Mission – by Linda and Michael Brady
Evolutionary Astrology EA Glossary – by Jeffrey Wolf Green
Healing Pluto Problems – by Donna Cunningham
Parker’ Astrology – by Julia and Derek Parker
Pluto Vol. 1 – by Jeffrey Wolf Green
The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology – by April Elliot Kent
The Lunar Gospel – by Cal Garrison
The Missing Element – by Debra Silverman M.A.
The Twelve Houses – by Howard Sasportas
Your Story in the Stars – by Trish MacGregor


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