Fun Tools

Check out these great astrology and astronomy tools that will aid in your better understanding of the planets and other bodies in the sky. The best part is they’re all free.

Minor Planet Meanings

Minor Planets

Check out this Wikipedia page that lists 1000  minor planets and brief meanings, plus other cool information. It’s a great quick reference to have on hand. Click the image to go to the Wikipedia page.

Solar System Scope

This online tool is a live model of the solar system, however with all the settings you can go back in time, forward in time and at different speeds. In the settings menu you can add music if you wish.

Another neat feature is you can look at the night sky from earth’s perspective and see the constellations as well as other bodies. It really helps to get a visual of the current sky when doing astrology and just adds an extra to your knowledge. Click on the start button below to check it out. If for some reason it’s acting finicky in your browser, you can also go to their website and check it out there.

Note: This is more showing you the tool if you’d like to use it. Unfortunately, many browsers have something called “auto refresh” that keeps webpages updating constantly, which causes this model to start over. You can research how to disable auto refresh in your browser, or you can go to Solar System Scope’s website and use the tool more easily there.

This tool is best used on a desktop or perhaps a tablet with a bigger screen. It works on mobile devices, but the screen area is too small to fully support this model.