Meditate on Aries, Mars and 1st House Energy

When learning astrology, it’s important to remember that while individual people can have both the positive and negative traits of a sign, we should try to abstain from labeling people in negative and aggressive ways. Doing so creates negative stereotypes, which do hold some truth, but don’t serve society in healing. It’s okay to note them for the purpose of learning how to overcome them for yourself and others, but when we start to blame and label, “this person is a jerk, so all Aries must be jerks” we end up perpetuating the root causes of what eventually turns into a form of racism. And as we all know, racism is a form of hate. To catalyze yourself and society, we have to role model more productive and healthy ways to deal with this energy that we can all tend to have on varying levels. If you deal with your own Aries energy, such as being aggressive with your words towards people, this will help you to understand how to be supportive of others struggling with aggressive energy.

With that being said, sometimes aggressiveness is necessary when defending yourself against another aggressive person who refuses to stop. There is a very fine line however, between self defense and turning into the person you’re against. This shows they hold power over you when you act like them. It takes a great deal of discernment to learn the difference and wield your power both autonomously, like a positive Aries does, and wielding your power destructively like a negative Aries does. Heal yourself first, work with this energy in your own life, and then look to see how you can promote positive, healthy healing in other’s lives. And only use this aggression when there are no other options. It takes a great deal of courage and restraint to hold yourself back in a triggered society, but the lessons you learn from it will amaze you and push you to new heights both spiritually and in the material world.

While meditating on this energy, ask yourself where you see it in your own behavior. Where does your impulsiveness show up in productive ways that help you move forward? Where is it showing up in destructive ways that are holding you and others back? How can you build on your positive Aries energy? How can you work on strengthening emotional control? Do you have healthy outlets for your anger? Or are you just letting it fly whenever and wherever? Journal writing is a great way to track your emotions. Don’t monitor yourself when writing. That’s a great time to “let it rip.” Get it out of your system. Then when you’re ready, sometime later, go back and read what you wrote and ask yourself, “What can I learn from myself when I’m angry?” Or just in general, what can you learn from what you’re writing that will help you improve your behavior. These kinds of exercises will start to help you build a healthy spiritual or emotional foundation in life and carry you through tough times. You grow stronger the more you work with who you are, instead of doing things haphazardly like the Aries archetype might. You are brighter and more powerful than your natal chart and can overcome all things. When you meditate on Aries, write down any thoughts or ideas you might have.