Meditate on Taurus, Venus and 2nd House Energy


When learning astrology, it’s important to remember that while individual people can have both the positive and negative traits of Taurus, we should try to abstain from labeling people in negative and aggressive ways. Doing so creates negative stereotypes, which do hold some truth, but don’t serve society in healing. It’s okay to note them for the purpose of learning how to overcome them for yourself and others, but when we start to blame and label, “this person is a jerk, so all Taureans must be jerks,” we end up perpetuating the root causes of what eventually turns into a form of racism. And as we all know, racism is a form of hate. To catalyze yourself and society, we have to role model more productive and healthy ways to deal with this energy that we can all tend to have on varying levels. If you deal with your own Taurus energy, such as being stubborn with your views towards people without listening to their side, this will help you to understand how to be supportive of others struggling with stubborn energy.

With that being said, sometimes stubbornness is necessary when defending yourself against another stubborn person who refuses to let you be yourself. There is a very fine line however, between self defense and turning into the person you’re against. This shows they hold power over you when you act like them. It takes a great deal of discernment to learn the difference and wield your power both autonomously, like a positive demonstration of Taurus does, and wielding your power destructively like a negative demonstration of Taurus does. Heal yourself first, work with this energy in your own life, and then look to see how you can promote positive, healthy healing in other’s lives. And only use this aggression when there are no other options. It takes a great deal of courage and restraint to hold yourself back in a triggered society, but the lessons you learn from it will amaze you and push you to new heights both spiritually and in the material world.

Second House

Some main keywords for Taurus are grounded, stable, consistent, cozy, reliable, hard working, ambitious, comfortable, stubborn, peace-loving, pleasure seeking, loyal and genuine. While meditating on this energy, ask yourself where you see it in your own life and behavior. Where does your stubborn side show up and are you using it to help you move forward toward your dreams and goals? Where is it showing up in destructive ways that are holding you and others back? How can you build on your positive Taurus energy to create a better quality life for you and those around you?

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and peace. Are you finding enough peace in your life? Do you make enough time to quiet yourself and really connect inward?  Connecting with things that make you feel serene, content, calm, beautiful and sensual are all great ways to tap into Taurus energy and reset your day, recharge your soul and stay grounded in who you are.

If you’d like more information on the basics of Taurus, please be sure to visit Taurus other page that dives deeper into it’s characteristics and how it operates in your natal chart. If you’d like to look up your natal chart for free, grab your birthdate, birth time, location of where you were born, and head over to for your free chart.