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Astrology is a vast subject with many viewpoints, systems and methods used to learn it. It’s thousands of years old dating back to early Mesopotamia (1950-1651 BC). To most beginners, it’s overwhelming just looking at a natal chart. We all go through that initial info-shock, only to soon be deeply absorbed into its mysteries and intricacies. Though many people have profoundly different perspectives on it’s accuracy and usefulness, what it does certainly do, is help us to learn about the archetypes ingrained in the conscious and unconscious of humanity. Subsequently, it is an amazing tool to understand yourself, others, and how to strengthen your gifts and talents, while improving your life where you struggle in things like relationships, money and career. With a little devotion and love to the subject, it quickly becomes intuitive knowledge to guide you through life.

Catalyze Others

Presently, we live in a world full of tough challenges that seem never ending. With the current state of world affairs, we are facing difficult times in our lives, communities and politically. People become ever more divided as the crisis of information grows and serves to separate us, not only from each other, but worst of all, ourselves. This makes it tough to navigate the world when you don’t know who or what to trust, nor how to move forward.  With astrology, you can begin to have deep self awareness that will guide you through all parts of your life including the relationships you cherish and the goals you wish to achieve.

As you grow in your self-knowledge you will have opportunities to share with others and help them to change too. Sometimes just being who we are can be enough to inspire and empower others. You become a beacon of light and hope that life can be different. It might sound a little amazing that astrology can do all of that, but if you study with a sincere heart, and truly want to get to know yourself through the lens of astrology, you will be profoundly amazed at how accurate it can be. And the more you know yourself, the clearer your guidance becomes and the easier it is to catalyze others into being their best selves as well.

You have no choice. You must leave your ego on the doorstep before you enter love.

Meditate with the Archetypes

A super easy way to learn the archetypes is through feeling. Meditating on images that associate with the different signs, planets and houses, can help memory recall as you study astrology. Explore your favorite sign below to learn more about it through imagery.

Meditate on the signs for a deeper grasp of who the archetypes are energetically


Imagery helps the brain remember information. By using images you can further instill the nature of the signs into your knowledge.

What makes a sign tick? What makes a sign become triggered? These images will help you to learn the differences and similarties of the signs.













How Astrology Helps With Change

Changes we don’t want to face are some of the hardest parts of life to get through.It’s not uncommon that many will block out solutions because their focus is so magnetized to the problem that it’s hard to detach long enough to get clarity. Astrology helps us to do that by showing us the problem and the solution in a way that is easier to accept. For instance, if you have tough aspects to Mars and Venus in your natal chart, and have always struggled with relationships, it might be easier to hear how to change it instead of that you’re just no good at relationships. It helps us to see and examine our blind spots and shadow side with a little more detachment, thus making it easier to face. This is an excellent skill to possess in a world like we have today where so much is in upheaval and chaos. When we work with what we don’t like and can bring our personality into balance  with things that are uncomfortable, it gives us resilience and strength like nothing else can. And when we possess those kinds of traits, we possess a special kind of personal power that will get us through anything. You become your own rock, and a great support for those around you in times of hardship and grief. An invaluable thing to have when so much of what we knew is up in the air.
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Astrology is Life Changing

It’s common to hear how much astrology has changed a person’s life. Even a simple reading can bring the most profound and empowering things to the forefront, and that awareness changes the chart owner’s perspective on life. In psychology we know that changing your perspective is half the battle of personal growth and achieving our goals in life. So many times people will come across a part of their chart where suddenly everything clicks together in a big “ah ha!” moment.

Though, if a beginner, you might be overwhelmed right now with all the information, hopefully you also have a sense of excitement that will continue to pull you through all the beautiful layers and facets of this amazing art and science. Finding ways to make learning astrology easy and intuitive is a goal of Plutonian Paradox. You’ll find pages and pages of information about the signs, planets, houses, aspects, and more. There are image galleries for the signs to help you learn their archetypal energy and blog posts help you through the different subjects that might be of interest to you.

Learning will take time, but it is just like any other subject where approach can make all the difference. Make a plan and take your time. Join groups to help you learn and have other to discuss astrology with. This makes it more fun and helps you remember as you all share stories and experiences that relate to astrology.

As Life Crushed Me,
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